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The VIP Executive Santa Iria is located in Lisbon’s metropolitan district, just off the “Tejo” River. An important aspect of your stay at the hotel is that you can walk to the river in just a few minutes. We are also only a few metres from the Estrada Nacional nº 10, which is the city’s northern main access point, and the Santa Iria train line, supplying guests with accessibility for travel. Staying at the VIP Executive Santa Iria has the feel of the urban rush of the city of Lisbon and the tranquillity of the Portuguese countryside. Whether you are visiting locally or from abroad, we hope to express our appreciation for Lisbon and Portugal to you in a way that persuades you to return.

Address: Estrada Nacional 10, 1260, 2694 - 001

Telephone: +351 21 003 23 00


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